M-Test LL

Meter for measuring of residual magnetism


  • Detecting smallest areas of residual magnetism with fast reacting LED
  • Automatic storage of maximum values for north - and south pole
  • Color touch screen with reset for maximum values
  • Measuring of smallest magnetic fields due to low and defined distance between sensor and probe surface
  • Digital zero adjustment
  • Temperature compensated sensor, no drift

Measuring residual magnetism in a fast and reliable way

The M-Test LL is robust and easy to operate. The color touch screen shows the measured values and automatically saves the maximum values which can be reset by the screen. Zero adjustment is done with push-buttons. The LED at the probe tip indicates smallest areas with residual magnetism with a response time below 1ms. The probe is connected to the indicating device by a spiral cable which is pluggable on both sides.

The basic configuration has an analog output. With the option «USB interface» the measured values can be evaluated on a PC. The software is included.

M-Test LL-A
M-Test LL-G
M-Test LL-T
Range in magnetic DC field
+/-200 A/cm
+/-200 Gauss
+/-20 mT
0.1 A/cm
0.1 Gauss
0.01 mT
LED threshold
Approx.+/-1.7 A/cm
Approx.+/-2.1 Gauss
Approx.+/-0.21 mT
Zero point stability after switching on
+/-0.1 A/cm
+/-0.1 Gauss
+/-0.01 mT
Analog out (zero reference 2.0V)
+/- 1.76V full scale
+/- 1.4V full scale
+/- 1.4V full scale
+/-1.5% of full scale; +/-1 digit
Sensor type
Probe M-Test LLP 0.5

Hall sensor, temperature compensated, no drift
Distance of active hall effect zone 0.5mm from probe surface

Polarity indication on LED
red= north pole, green=south pole, orange= out of range (overflow)
Automatic OFF
7min on battery
Battery type
Lithium Polymer battery, 2 cells
Approx. 7h
Probe cable
Spiral cable, stretched length 2m
Dimensions of measuring device
Dimensions of probe
70x12x3.5mm protruding from handle
Weight (probe/indicator) / shipping
500g/ 1000g


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