Contour Measurement


Contour MK-CMS-2.0 - basic version with T-slot plate

If you find conventional contour measuring machines too expensive, too big, too unwieldy or too complicated to operate, then we have the solution for you with the MK-CMS-2.x series! The basic version of the Contour MK-CMS-2.x is a complete 3-axis contour measuring machine which is a match for any measuring problem in the measuring room and in the production. The Contour MK-CMS-2.x is the right machine for measurement tasks which only require one scanning direction. Only the Y-adjustment and the zenith search are resolved by the customer in the basic version. All machines of the MK-CMS-2.x series are equipped with preloaded zero-play linear ball bearings in all axes. Contactless, optical incremental measuring systems in the X-, Z- and T-axis are just as much a matter of course as the intuitive “MK-CMS Edition” software suite from the optacom company.

Technical Data
Resolution in X-, Z- and T-axis
0.05 μm
  Contour MK-CMS-2.1 - with manual Y-table
Resolution at stylus tip
0.003 μm
Measuring range (Y Axis)
55 mm
Measuring range vertical (Z axis)
275 mm
Table load 
100 kg
Measuring range horizontal (X axis)
190 mm
  Contour MK-CMS-2.2 - with automatic Y-table
Table load
100 Kg
Measuring range (Y Axis)
55 mm
+/- (2 + L/50) μm
Table load 
100 kg
(2 + L/50 μm)
Contour MK-CMS-2.3 - with automatic
Y-table and Top-Down module
Maximum measuring force
10 – 150 mN
Measuring range (Y Axis)
55 mm
Measuring speed
0.1 – 2 mm/sek (automatically optimized)
Table load 
100 kg


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