BENZING Made in Germany
Hand presses
Measuring and testing equipment

Microscopes, Projectors, Optical Instrument & Video System
CHOTEN Made in China
Profile Projectors, Video Measuring Systems, Linear Scales and Length Calibrators
Microtecneca Made in Italy
Profile Projectors
Measuring Optical Systems
COLORLITE Made in Swiss
Colour measurment Spectrophotometer
NUESSLER Made in Swiss
Styli and accessories for
Coordinate Measuring Technology
DEMM Made in Italy
Precision Measuring Instruments

OPACOM Made in Germany
Roughness, Roundness,
Contour, Stylus tips

DIATEST Made in Germany
Precision Bore, Taper, Chamfer, Plug, Alignment & Crankshaft Gauges

RPI Made in England
Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Tables

DIAVITE Made in Germany
Roughness Measurement System

SPREITZER Made in Germany
Centre-clamping vises, Concentricity gage, Precision tool maker vise,
ALUMESS-fixturing for CMM

FRENCO Made in Germany
High Precision Gears and Splines,
Instrument for size inspection,
Rotation measuring instruments
SYLVAC Made in Swiss
Precision Measuring Instruments
IBR Made in Germany
Column Gauge, Modular,
Wireless & Software

TRIMOS Made in Swiss
Instrument for checking
Standard Measuring Equipment

KAFER Made in Germany
Dial Indicators, Dial Test Indicators,
Dial Thickness Gauges
TRUTHREAD Made in India
Thread Gauges
KROEPLIN Made in Germany
Mechanical and Electronic Length Measuring Instruments
WYLER Made in Swiss
Precision Levels and
Electronic Inclinometers
KERN Made in Germany
2D Image Processing CMM
Muasuring Microscopes

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