ACS Made in Germany
Devices for Non-Destructive Testing of Metals, Plastics and Concrete
HITECH Made in Italy
Automatic Abrasive Cut off Saws, Mounting Press & Polisher
BENZING Made in Germany
Rack and pinion presses, Toggle presses, Impact presses, Pneumatic presses, Rotary indexing table

IBG Made in Swiss
Eddycurrent Testing

BURSTER Made in Germany
Ohmmeters, Resistance Decade Boxes, Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Pt100 Simulator, Calibration Load Cell & Process Instruments
KB Prüftechnik Made in Germany
Hardness Testing Machine

CETA Made in Germany
Leak Testing and Flow Measurement

MARK-10 Made in U.S.A.
Force and Torque Measurement
CHOTEN Made in China
Hardness Testing Instrument,
Mounting Press, Polishing Machine, Cutting Machine
MAURER Made in Swiss
Magnetic field & Demagnetizers
Coating Thickness Gages and Inspection Instruments
RHEIN TACHO Made in Germany
Sensors, Stroboscopes,
Digital hand-tachometer

EILON Made in U.S.A.
Dynamometers, Load Cells, Hanging Scales and Crane Scales

ROLAND Made in Germany
Double sheet detection,
Weld seam detection/-positioning,
Hidden part detection
ELOVIS Made in Germany
Non-contact Length Measurement,
Non-contact Speed Measurement
SIUI Made in China
Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
ERNST Made in Swiss 
Hardness Tester for
Checking all metals
SR TORQUE Made in U.S.A.
Advanced Torque System,
Torque Application,
Torque Calibration System
GIBTRE Made in Italy
Laboratory instruments for rubber
and plastic testing

TIME Made in China
Materials Testing Machine,
Controlled Universal Testing Machine



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